As the nation's capital, Jakarta is a city fee that is very busy and densely populated. No wonder if the image of Jakarta as a city with traffic congestion level is high. Similar artists also disclosed Zaskia Sungkar and Irwansyah.

According to Shireen Sungkar sister of this, the Jakarta city synonymous with congestion. But so Zaskia impressed with the multi-ethnic capital.

"Jakarta is bogged down, but we are amazed by this city, with a gathering of all ethnic, stay safe and can be made comfortable," said Zaskia.

"Hope in the 483 birthday of Jakarta free from flood and loss," he added when met at Studio Irwansyah Penta, West Jakarta, Monday (21 / 6).

Furthermore, residents of Jakarta Zaskia hope, do not throw rubbish anywhere - like the lover Irwansyah. "Hope all the people of Jakarta are aware of hygiene, such as do not throw litter, like Irwansyah nih like waste litter," said Zaskia.

"Despite the loss, Jakarta is the best. My task for all who are here, keep it clean," he continued smiling Irwansyah